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Среда, 29.09.2021, 04:39
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#Конкурс Собираем технологичную подборку фильмов и дарим призы


Конкурс от Коллекционеры видеоигр | Коллекционные издания




Sorteo internacional: Red Magic 6S Pro


Будь активным в группе и выиграй процессор Ryzen 5 5600X, материнскую плату X570S AORUS Pro AX и не только

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Акция от DOOGEE

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Dear DOOGEE Fans! Now I want to give you a grand introduction to DOOGEE’s first 5G rugged phone. DOOGEE’s first 5G rugged phone-V10 will be available on Aug. 23 2021 00:00 (PST). Now I want to introduce our V10 to all fans. V10 is equipped with Dimensity 700 chip, powerful processor supports ultra-fast 5G speed. 8500mAh large battery with 33W fast charge, so you don’t have to worry about running out of electricity at all times. Samsung 48MP rear camera and Sony 16MP front camera are unparalleled whether you are shooting landscapes or portrait selfies! See the black grid next to the camera? That is the infrared forehead thermometer! Do you purchase 8GB+128GB of memory? V10 can keep 100,000 ultra-clear photos! 6.39" Corning Gorilla Glass + perforated screen allows you to experience the thrill of a big screen! V10 is a power bank, because it supports OTG reverse charging! Have you ever thought that when you have a 4G mobile phone, you want to experience the speed of 5G but you have to consider the issue of configuration? Don't worry about V10 taking into account your feelings, the hard appearance, the configuration is also strong! The emergence of 5G has changed our lives. We don’t need to wait for the cache when watching videos, and we don’t need to be afraid of delays when playing games. Do you want to join giveaway?Let me tell you the rules! Add to Cart and colletion,forward this feed to your own social media screenshot and send it to us to get a lottery number, and invite friends to forward it to get an extra lottery number. We will draw five lucky numbers on August 19th, and fans who are drawn can get a DOOGEE V10. PS:To get the lottery number, you need to bring your forwarded screenshot, and everyone can get up to 5 numbers Let's do it now!

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