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Xbox Series X & 55″ 4K Phillips TV Giveaway


В новом году с новыми подарками от POCO и Xiaomi


AOC 27″ Super Curved Gaming Monitor Giveaway


AOC 27″ Super Curved Gaming Monitor Giveaway


AOC 27″ Super Curved Gaming Monitor Giveaway

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Главная » 2021 » Декабрь » 4 » Enter to Win a Hot Lover & Powerful One Prize Pack
Enter to Win a Hot Lover & Powerful One Prize Pack

Is there a bit of app-controlled sex toy fun in your future?  Because if you enter this giveaway, there certainly might be!  We've paired up with Satisfyer to send out a Powerful One and Satisfyer Hot Lover to three lucky winners!


Perfect for coupled play or additional solo pleasure, the Satisfyer Powerful One cock ring wraps around the base of the penis to provide a fuller erection - and some pleasurable vibrations! Enjoy the 10 vibration programs as additional stimulation to amplify your orgasm - or take advantage of the Powerful One's tall design to hit your partner's pleasure spots while wearing it during intercourse.


Not to be outdone, the Satisfyer Hot Lover is another perfect addition to the bedroom. Never again will you have to pick up a cold sex toy; true to its name, the Satisfyer Hot Lover offers sensual stimulation through its pre-heating function. Satisfyer rounds out your pleasure experience with two high-powered, separate motors that hit the g-spot and the clitoris with ease. When you're done, this waterproof rabbit vibe easily charges up to get ready for your next pleasure session - no batteries required!

And BOTH toys are compatible with a free cell phone app. This free cell phone app puts an entire world of pleasure right into the palm of your mobile device. Control the sensations locally - or let someone else across the continent take the wheel. Sync your pleasure to your favorite songs - or create and share your own customized patterns to set your pleasure on repeat - in the personalized way that your body loves.

Enter now - because exploring all of the ways that teledildonics can change your sex life is a fun and an orgasmic way to spend an evening!

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