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Конкурс от Игровая периферия | cougar-world.ru | COUGAR Совместно с компанией Grizzly Pro


AORUS Weekly Hashtag - Неделя#7


Конкурс от Игровая периферия | cougar-world.ru | COUGAR Совместно с компанией Grizzly Pro


Компания MSI 31days, 31prizes, 31-й годовщине поддавки (27 день)


Компания MSI 31days, 31prizes, 31-й годовщине поддавки (27 день)

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Главная » 2016 » Июль » 25 » EVGA 17TH ANNIVERSARY

We're going higher than the sky! Our 17th Anniversary is here and we're excited to have you on our trek. We have a lot of cool events for you to participate in, with a chance at winning some awesome prizes! Don't worry, we won't actually MAKE you go into outer space to win prizes (although, don't let us stop you if that's what you want to do).
Since we're exploring the vast stars, a scavenger hunt would be awesome up there! Plenty of places to hide medals, and it would take years before they're all found. But, we're not that cruel. We'll make it easier by only hiding the TEN medals you need to find on our website in order to qualify to win.

Throughout EVGA's Website you will search to find 10 Medals. When you find a medal, simply click it to show 2 questions from our generous sponsors. To find the answers, click on the links to visit our partner's websites. While you are there, we encourage you to have a look around and then come back to answer the question. It's as simple as that! Once you discover all 10 medals and answer all of the questions correctly, you will be entered to win one of many great prizes being offered. Remember, you can check your status at any time by returning to this page which shows your medal count (must show 10/10 to qualify). Please note that medals are found on www.evga.com only and placement on pages is randomized to each participant. You will not find medals on other EVGA properties including EVGA Forums, Mods Rigs, EVGA Online Store, etc.

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