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3 Honor Smartphones, 10 Honor Powerbanks and 10 Honor Fitness Bands Giveaway


Конкурс «Tomb Raider: Лара Крофт» от igromania.ru


Конкурс «Tomb Raider: Лара Крофт» от igromania.ru


Разыграем призы от UMKA MALL – товары из Китая в России


Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 от Sapphire Technology

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Главная » 2016 » Октябрь » 19 » #Giveaway on soon-to-be released #ElephoneS7 or #ElephoneR9 ---20160921
#Giveaway on soon-to-be released #ElephoneS7 or #ElephoneR9 ---20160921

#Giveaway on soon-to-be released #ElephoneS7 or
#ElephoneR9 ---20160921

Rules : 
1.Leave a comment on why you want to win this device
2.Follow our official FB page , like and share our contest 
E.g: If you want to win #ElephoneS7 (3+32GB), leave tags #Giveaway #Elephone#ElephoneS7 on your shared post .

Additional #giveaway on #ElephoneC1 and #Elesecret:
1. .#EleSecret giveaway when participants reach to 6,000 people .
2 #ElephoneC1 giveaway when participants reach to 12,000 people.
3.The contest lasts for 30 days, that is to be completed on 21th,October.Results will be announced on October 24. 
#Elephone reserves the rights to cancel or modify the contest in any way, at any time or in any direction .

A.Leaving the tags alone on you shared post is necessary, and not on the comments to the contest post.

B. Selection of the winner will not be considered without the likes ,the tags and shared post .
Please note that you must be a member of our official pagehttps://www.facebook.com/ElephoneGlobal/ , which is a prerequisite.

C.At the end of the contest, we will choose one lucky participant and give away a smartphone that he or she has chosen .

The contest will take place simultaneously on : 

Перейти на сайт конкурса (FB)

Перейти на сайт конкурса (TW)

Перейти на сайт конкурса (Elephone Spain)



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