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Конкурс «Лови момент» вместе с Fujifilm


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Главная » 2015 » Январь » 29 » Конкурс "Discover Synology and win a prize!"
Конкурс "Discover Synology and win a prize!"

Synology aims to simplify and centralize your complicated digital life. Whether at home or work, Synology delivers dependable ways to store, protect, and share data. For those who haven’t discovered our products yet, we’re offering the perfect opportunity with a chance to win a free Synology DiskStation DS713+ and DiskStation DS215j. Just watch the videos below and enter the competition to win!

 1st Prize: one DS713+  DS713+ provides high-performance and a straightforward approach to data-management and protection, letting you get a head start for your business. Whenever you're ready, upgrade capacity easily by adding an expansion unit.

 2nd prize: one DS215j  Designed for home and personal users, DS215j is a 2-bay NAS server featuring a dual-core CPU and rich features. Enjoy effortless data sharing and backup, multimedia streaming, and cloud synchronization without exceeding your budget. Your own cloud starts here.

Вопросы и ответы (ПРОВЕРЯЙТЕ!!!):

1. Which Synology package empowers users with seamless file syncing and sharing?
 Big Cloud
 Cloud Station
 Cloud More

 2. What are the two servers in an SHA cluster called?
 Active and passive servers ?
 Unit 1 and unit 2
 Node A and node B

3. To enter, select your answers above and fill in the below form.

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