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Выиграйте один из четырех Dark Base 700 White Edition! от Be quiet RU


Выиграйте один из четырех Dark Base 700 White Edition! от Be quiet RU


Win a Samsung Galaxy S10 or the S10+ and two Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protectors!


«Відкрий новий Galaxy» Бери участь у розіграші флагмана Samsung Galaxy S10 або Galaxy S10+ на свій вибір! от Алло


Выиграйте один из четырех Dark Base 700 White Edition! от Be quiet RU

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Главная » 2018 » Июнь » 12 » Конкурс от noblechairs
Конкурс от noblechairs

The World Cup begins in Russia in just a few days and noblechairs is celebrating by giving you the chance to win a number of great prizes, totaling a value of over 1000 euros!

You could win the following prizes:
1st Prize: Prize ICON Series Real Leather
2nd Prize: EPIC Series PU
3rd Prize: Foot Rest PU

Instead of simply sharing the post, we've prepared a noblebet group so you can join in our betting game on the results of the matches. Instead of needing to input the exact results, we've made things a little easier for our noblefamily, implementing a 3-way betting system. Entries close at 2PM CET on June 14th, so make sure to get your entries in as soon as possible. Additionally, ensure you've completed the playoff stages with predicted scores.

If multiple people have the same scores in the end, a winner will be randomly selected from them. Good luck!

For more information, or to enter, click here: https://www.copabet.com/groups/noblechairs

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