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#Конкурс "Экономь ярко" с #ErgoLED!


Cпецпроект: Battlefield 1 от GoHa.Ru (4 день)


Cпецпроект: Battlefield 1 от GoHa.Ru (4 день)


Cпецпроект: Battlefield 1 от GoHa.Ru (4 день)


Cпецпроект: Battlefield 1 от GoHa.Ru (3 день)

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Главная » 2015 » Февраль » 27 » Конкурс "Win a trip to Computex 2015 from GIGABYTE by overclocking your PC " от oc-esports.io
Конкурс "Win a trip to Computex 2015 from GIGABYTE by overclocking your PC " от oc-esports.io

Друзья, компания ‪#‎GIGABYTE‬ анонсирует один из самых статусных турниров для поклонников оверклокинга – GIGABYTE Z97-X99 BIG XTU Challenge. На кону денежный призовой фонд 4000 долларов наличными, 4 системные платы GIGABYTE и главный приз - поездка в Тайбей вместе с #GIGABYTE на крупнейшую ИТ-выставку этого года ‪#‎Computex‬ 2015. Если вы готовы принять вызов, то всю информацию найдете здесь http://www.gigabyte.ru/media/news/16923

Taipei, Taiwan, February 26th, 2015 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced one of its most rewarding overclocking competition as of yet with the GIGABYTE Z97 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge, its latest contest hosted on HWBOT.org.

The GIGABYTE Z97 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge gives the overclocking community a chance to tweak their systems on for a single benchmark, Intel’s XTU. By submitting scores to hit a secret target, overclockers cumulate points and run the chance to win not only cash prizes and hardware, but also a trip to Taipei, Taiwan to attend the Computex 2015 IT trade show with GIGABYTE. Skills will be on display on both Z97 and X99 platforms to be able to submit as many scores within a limited window. A lot is on the line; a total of USD $4,000 in cash, 4 GIGABYTE motherboards and an EPIC grand prize!

Do you feel up to the challenge? Each of the 4 rounds will have 10 secret target scores which will be revealed only after their submission period. But to guide you, a target range will be announced in advance. Your goal is to submit as many scores within that range during a 3 days period and try to hit the secret score. Participants who hit the secret target score will cumulate a point and have a chance at winning the Grand Prize or cash prize! Good luck to all!!

Contest Rounds

How to participate

  • You have a 3 day period to submit within a range of target scores.
  • You can submit any scores within that window.
  • The actual winning target is kept secret until after the submission period.
  • The participants who reached that secret target cumulate a point.

How to win

  • USD $1,000: The participant with the most points at the end of a round wins the cash prize! Tie breakers are decided by looking at submissions time, if two participants hit the same target starting from the earliest target) the one with the earliest submission wins.
  • GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion motherboard: One lucky draw winner will be selected within each round.
  • GRAND PRIZE, Computex 2015 Trip: To win the grand prize, participants must collect the most points across all 4 rounds. Trip includes flights to and from Taipei, hotels for 5 nights and a full schedule around Computex 2015 from June 1st until June 6th, 2015. (final details to be arranged with the winner.)

Contest Rules

  • Round 1 is limited to GIGABYTE Z97 motherboards and Intel 2 cores CPU only.
  • Round 2 is limited to GIGABYTE Z97 motherboards and Intel 4 cores CPU only.
  • Round 3 is limited to GIGABYTE X99 motherboards and Intel 6 cores CPU only.
  • Round 4 is limited to GIGABYTE X99 motherboards and Intel 8 cores CPU only.
  • Target submission will be open on the first day at 00:01 (UTC +8) and close on the last day at 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • During the 3 days the target is open, participants can submit as many INDIVIDUAL scores as they want. No duplicate scores allowed in the same round from the same participant.
  • Air and water cooling ONLY, temperature must be above 25 degrees Celsius. Cooling CPU or RAM with LN2 or dry ice is not acceptable.
  • Every submission must include the competition background, CPU-Z information (CPU, motherboard), XTU CPU frequency and a picture of your rig. HWBOT submission and verification rules apply.
  • Computex trip winner and cash prize winners are not eligible for lucky draw.
  • A participant is eligible to win only once. If he is found to be the winner in multiple categories, the prize will go to the runner up.
  • Except Elite overclockers, everyone is welcome to participate, but employees or affiliates of this industry (including retailer/distributor/manufacturers) are excluded from wining prizes. (you still can join for fun…)

The GIGABYTE Z97 - X99 BIG XTU Challenge will run from March 1st until April 29th 2015, 23:59 (UTC +8). For complete contest rules, scoring and more details, please visit the contest page hosted on OC-ESPORTS: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/gbt_z97x99_xtuchallenge

You can find the more information about the rules and the targets on the competition pages:

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