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ФКС России совместно с Почта Банк объявляет розыгрыш видеокарты среди всех держателей карт геймера


ФКС России совместно с Почта Банк объявляет розыгрыш видеокарты среди всех держателей карт геймера

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Главная » 2014 » Май » 31 » Международный конкурс "Antec EU Joint Giveaway" от nikktech.com
Международный конкурс "Antec EU Joint Giveaway" от nikktech.com

After a couple of months with no giveaways whatsoever we decided to make this one count and what better prize than a brand new 80 Plus GOLD certified power supply unit by Antec? Of course as always in order to make as many of you happy as possible we are not giving away one but three and so to be eligible to receive one of the TruePower Classic PSUs shown above (550W/650W/750W) you will need to take these 4 very easy steps.

1) Like our Facebook page
2) Like the Official Antec EU Facebook Page
3) Reply under the Antec EU Joint Giveaway post pined ontop of Our page (not the Antec page)
4) Share our post with your friends and family by clicking on the share button (make sure to have your shares visible to everyone so we can see you actually did it)

This giveaway is open up until the 5th of June at which time (or a day later probably) we will announce the names of the 3 very lucky winners so be sure to check both this page and your OTHER folder inside your messages in Facebook to see if you are one of them. Unfortunately this time over we were not able to include the USA in this giveaway but we will be sure to make it up for our friends across the Atlantic really soon (just wait and see) however if you happen to have a friend in the EU who could receive the prize for you that's fine by us.

Well that's all people we all wish the best of luck to all of you and as always remember to spread the word since the more the merrier.

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2 FEHIKS   (31.05.2014 17:58)
для тех кто играет в War Thunder

+1   Спам
1 yarilos   (31.05.2014 17:55)

Новый конкурс. Ищем ответы.

3 GREGORI7   (01.06.2014 00:03)
готово smile

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