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Конкурс "Знатоки истории" от LG


Конкурс "Знатоки истории" от LG


Вы еще можете принять участие в праздновании 23-летия компании «Бука»!


Конкурс "Знатоки истории" от LG


Конкурс "Знатоки истории" от LG

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Главная » 2015 » Февраль » 22 » Overclock and Win with EVGA and Intel
Overclock and Win with EVGA and Intel

Are you an enthusiast and looking to build your next overclocking system? Why not look towards a strong base for your computer, namely the EVGA X99 Motherboard. This time around we have our Overclock and Win with EVGA and Intel event! We love seeing our community overclock their systems and bringing them to their maximum potential! For this event, you do not need to worry about overclocking your system.

You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or pin this promotion on your Pinterest. In addition to those options, you can invite your friends to try their luck for extra chances to win. We've got lots of great prizes in store, so don't miss our on your chance to enter.

Make sure you get all of your entries in between February 18th 2:30 PM PST and March 4th 11:59 PM PST and check back by March 11th to see if you won!

Here's what you can win!

1x EVGA Hadron Bundle - $505
1x EVGA Hadron Air - $160
1x EVGA Z97 Stinger Core3D - $200
1x Patriot Viper 3 16GB Memory Kit - $145
1x EVGA X99 Classfied Motherboard - $400
1x EVGA X99 FTW Motherboard - $300
1x EVGA X99 Micro - $230
1x EVGA Z97 Classified - $380
1x EVGA Z97 FTW - $200
1x EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse - $70
1x EVGA SuperNOVA 850 GS Power Supply - $160

Ways to Win!

  • Like the EVGA Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TeamEVGA
  • Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/TeamEVGA
  • Pin the URL image given in the widget with your Pinterest account
  • Refer us to your friends
  • Submit your entries with the widget below

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