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Бегом участвовать в розыгрыше в честь знаменательного праздника 3DNews. Разыгрывают RTX 2060 SUPER




Конкурс от AliExpress_Technology


Легионеры, настало время нового месяца, месяца RPG!


Разыгрываем необходимый каждому автомобилисту девайс: 70mai Dash Cam Pro от DreamCar.ua

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Главная » 2019 » Июнь » 30 » Patreon exclusive: Win a Wooting 2 Analogue keyboard with adjustable actuation switches!
Patreon exclusive: Win a Wooting 2 Analogue keyboard with adjustable actuation switches!

Our Patreon has been live for a while now and to show our gratitude to our supporters, we are back with another exclusive giveaway. Those of you supporting us on any tier on Patreon can enter our new competition to win a Wooting 2 keyboard, which Briony gave plenty of praise to earlier this week.

The Wooting 2 is an upgrade to last year’s Wooting 1 keyboard. It is an analogue keyboard with Flaretech switches and RGB lighting wrapped up in a tasteful, understated design. We gave it our ‘Worth Buying’ award in our review, with particular praise for the analogue technology, which allows users to adjust actuation as they see fit.

We will still be running hardware and game giveaways that are open to everyone. These Patreon exclusive giveaways are extras that we are throwing on top of the other competitions we usually run. If you want to take part, you can sign up to be a backer. All of our Patreon tiers come with the Discord bonus, so it doesn’t matter if you pledge $1 or $10, you’ll be able to take part in our exclusive competitions.

We are keeping these simple and running our Patreon exclusive giveaways through Discord. Patreon backers get their own Discord role on the KitGuru server and access to two private text and two private voice channels. There is an exclusive giveaways text channel where you you can register your entry.

This competition will be open to our backers worldwide. The keyboard will be shipped from the UK and clearly marked as a competition prize. Do keep in mind that if you are outside of the European Union, some countries may have a customs charge that we are not responsible for, so it is best to double check your local laws and regulations on receiving international parcels.

You can sign up to our Patreon HERE, join our Discord HERE, or even support KitGuru by purchasing official merch HERE.

KitGuru Says: Thanks to everyone who has joined our Patreon so far and to all of the wonderful people who are already taking part in our Discord channels. We look forward to seeing more of you over there.

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