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Викторина от PlayGround.ru: прими участие и выиграй новейший SSD на 500 гигабайт от Western Digital!


Викторина от PlayGround.ru: прими участие и выиграй новейший SSD на 500 гигабайт от Western Digital!


Викторина от PlayGround.ru: прими участие и выиграй новейший SSD на 500 гигабайт от Western Digital!


Конкурс от ASUS Россия


Конкурс от Be quiet

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Главная » 2016 » Сентябрь » 1 » Pick Your Favorite MSI Components Giveaway
Pick Your Favorite MSI Components Giveaway

Want to build a computer with your favorite MSI components? Get ready because you could be the winner of brand new parts to build your MSI dream machine. Two(2) lucky winners chosen randomly will receive all the components of their choosing at no cost courtesy of MSI and PCPartPicker!
Step 1: Build a system on PickPartPicker
1.    Go to PcPartPicker.com and log in or register if you haven’t
2. Click on Start A System Build 
3.    You may only use the following components:

CPU, CPU Cooler, Motherboard, Memory, Storage, Video Card, Case, Power Supply

Using disallowed components is grounds for disqualification. Both Motherboard and Video Card must be MSI branded while other components can be any brand you desire (parts must be available with pricing, no custom parts)

4.    Your final total build must add up to $2500 or less in order to be eligible. **There's is an exception if you're over $2500, please read T&C 
5.    Save your “Permalink”info and follow Step 2 
Step 2: Like, Follow, Enter
Subscribe to PcPartPicker YouTube Channel
Follow us MSI Twitter
Which of these 2 components are you likely to purchase in the next 6 months?
Your Email Address

Entries for MSI giveaway open September 1st and close September 12th 2016 at 11PM PST (2 Random winners will be announced on PcPartPicker and MSI Social Media 1 day after to the end date). All entrants must be 18 years of age or older and must have a valid address. This giveaway is open to all regions. For step 1, the entrant must choose only eligible components including MSI branded Motherboard & Video card (no monitor, optical drive, operating system, software, external storage, laptop, expansion cards, peripherals, accessories, food, and custom parts.) A build list using parts not allowed will be disqualified. Final total must not exceed $2500 (USD) value but exceptions may be considered if prices change on the PcPartPicker system. For step 2, Liking MSI Facebook & Subscribing to PcPartPicker Youtube channel are optional but Following MSI & PcPartPicker on Twitter is required. Providing a PCPartPicker system build “Permalink” is mandatory for the contest. Without the “Permalink,” contest administrators would be unable to see the list of parts that could become prizing and thus make entrant ineligible for the giveaway. Entry must have a valid E-mail for contact. MSI and PCPartPicker will never share any information provided to this giveaway to anyone else. Good luck and we encourage you to share this giveaway!

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