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Главная » 2019 » Март » 16 » UPGRADE Your PC With Be Quiet! Giveaway [WORLDWIDE]
UPGRADE Your PC With Be Quiet! Giveaway [WORLDWIDE]

Competition Time!

When it comes to building a PC, there are a number of components that you have to get to ensure your system is ready to be put together. It is, after all, rather frustrating to get halfway through a build to find you made a rather critical oversight into what was essentially a rather basic part.

With this latest competition, however, be quiet! is looking to at least cover a lot of the essentials for you. One lucky winner will have the chance to win a brand new chassis, power supply and CPU cooler. 3 major components that will give any new system build a huge boost in the right direction!

What can I win?

One lucky winner, who will be selected at random, will win a ‘bundle’ of prize that include;

All really useful stuff to get your next system build well underway!

That, however, is not all! – As well as this, 2 runners up can win ‘mystery prizes’! At this point, we have no idea what they are, but with be quiet! providing them, we’re sure they’re going to be pretty sweet!

How to enter!

Entering this competition is simplicity itself, just submit as many entries as you can in the form below. Remember the more you do the greater your chances are of winning.

Terms and conditions

The competition starts on the 20th of February and will run for 4 weeks. Upon closing a single ‘system bundle’ winner will be selected at random and will be contacted by e-mail, from there they will have 7 days to respond and if they do not reply, another winner may be picked at random. We can’t, after all, have all these prizes with no winners!

2 runners up will also be contacted, as per the above terms, to receive their mystery prizes!

Remember again, the more you enter the better your chances!

Good luck!

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