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Конкурс от Prestigio


Конкурс от Prestigio


Конкурс от Prestigio


Конкурс от Prestigio


Станьте активным участником сообщества Armored Warfare: Проект Армата и получите награду!

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Главная » 2016 » Апрель » 14 » Want to win Dark Souls III? Follow the GiveawayBase!
Want to win Dark Souls III? Follow the GiveawayBase!

New weapons and spells, new bosses, new combat system, and of course, this one of a kind, everlasting darkness, that you won’t find anywhere else!  And like the previous parts of this iconic series, this one will be also very challenging, but isn’t it what you are waiting for the most?

How dark is your soul?

How much do you want the game and what would you do to get it?

It turns out – not much. All you need to do – to win 1 of two Dark Souls III keys – is to follow GiveawayBase and Kinguin on social mediausing the app below.

Craving for more? The GiveawayBase.com provides information about active giveaways across the Internet and organizing (together with other partners) their own competitions. VisitGiveawayBase.com and grab new prizes every day!

The giveaway starts on April 11th, ends on April 15th, and the winners will be announced on April 15th. You have 7 days from the results announcement to contact us at: socialmedia@kinguin.net to collect the prize. Just please include in the message title "Want to win Dark Souls III? Follow the GiveawayBase!!".

Good luck !

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