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Масштабный РОЗЫГРЫШ от канала @Dota2 на 210.000 руб!


Розыгрыш игрового ПК, Iphone 14 pro, AirPods Pro


Друзья, РОЗЫГРЫШ!  В честь выхода новой видеокарты от NVIDIA — устраиваем розыгрыш.


Получить смартфон OPPO A96 с 90 Гц экраном, быстрой зарядкой 33 Вт и мощной батареей 5000 мА·ч за репост? Легко!

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Главная » 2019 » Июнь » 30 » Win a 4,500 watt Devialet Phantom Gold speaker worth £2,500!
Win a 4,500 watt Devialet Phantom Gold speaker worth £2,500!

We are big fans of high-end audio gear here at KitGuru and this month, we are giving our readers the chance to win a very good prize- a £2,500 speaker from French audio experts Devialet. We have given away a Phantom Gold speaker in the past and now, we are back to give away another.

The Devialet Phantom Gold is a very powerful (and expensive) speaker, priced around £2,500. The Gold Phantom has a titanium tweeter made of the purest titanium available- Grade 1. By using titanium, the tweeter is not only built to be incredibly strong, but it performs to a high standard too, offering high frequencies up to 27KHz.

The speaker itself is also incredibly powerful, measuring in at 4,500 watts and delivering up to 108dB of physical impact, the sound level of a live rock concert. Aside from being capable of producing high 27KHz frequencies, the Phantom Gold can also go to the opposite end of the spectrum with lows of 14Hz.

If all of the technical specs weren’t impressive enough, then you should also know that the side panels are 22 carat Rose Gold plated. In all, this is a level of quality that is rare to find in most speakers.

To enter this competition – it is simple – we want you to email us at competitions2019@kitguru.net telling us what your current speaker(s) are and why you want (or need) the upgrade.


Click THIS LINK to enter via email. If your browser is blocking the code (or you don’t have a default email client set up) then just email us at competitions2019@kitguru.net with subject line ‘I want a speaker upgrade!’.

We will be running this competition for three weeks, so it will end on the 17th of July. We will then pick and announce a winner within 14 days of the closing date here on the main site and on social media channels.

This competition is only open to European residents – so apologies if you reside outside this region – the logistics prove difficult with this competition as the item is shipping to the winner from France. Please note – if you have a good friend in Europe and you want to handle shipping yourself, that’s fine – we can ship to them for you!

Please note that multiple entries from the same email address will be ignored. Do not email other KitGuru addresses, or send private messages via Facebook, our contact pages, or forums – they will be ignored and your entry will be classed as invalid.

KitGuru Says: Good luck! We will be back in a few weeks to announce a winner. 

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