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Получить смартфон OPPO A96 с 90 Гц экраном, быстрой зарядкой 33 Вт и мощной батареей 5000 мА·ч за репост? Легко!


Дарим сертификат на 50 000 руб


Одного розыгрыша с Atomic Heart явно было мало, так что продолжаем!


Ежемесячный конкурс от Sandberg


Розыгрыш крипто-кошелька Ledger!

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Главная » 2019 » Июль » 12 » Win a Deepcool Gamerstorm Castle 360 EX AIO liquid cooler with anti-leak technology!
Win a Deepcool Gamerstorm Castle 360 EX AIO liquid cooler with anti-leak technology!

Amazon Prime Day is coming up very soon and to celebrate, we are teaming up with Deepcool to give away TWO all-in-one liquid coolers! We have two Castle 360 EX AIOs to give away this month, which means you have double the chance to win. 

We first spotted the new Castle 360 EX AIO at Computex earlier this year. This one sports Deepcool’s newly patented anti-leak technology, ensuring long-term stability and safety for the cooler. Right now, the Castle 360 EX retails for $159.99 on Amazon, so this is an excellent opportunity to win a solid AIO. Of course, the CPU block is also RGB, so you get that extra touch of customisation for your rig. Given that this is a modern cooler, it comes with mounting support for all modern Intel and AMD sockets, including AM4 and TR4.

To enter this competition, all you need to do is send and email to ‘competitions2019@kitguru.net‘ with the subject line ‘I want to win a Deepcool AIO!‘ In your email you will need to answer the following question: What fans are included with the Castle 360 EX? You will be able to find the answer on THIS page.

This giveaway is running worldwide from July 9th through until July 16th. We will then pick and announce winners on KitGuru.net and social media within 30 days of the closing date. Once winners have been announced and contacted, your email entries will be deleted and won’t be passed on to any third parties, we value your privacy. 

KitGuru Says: Thanks to Deepcool for teaming up with us for this giveaway. Be sure to show them some appreciation over on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck to all our readers entering, we’ll be back to announce winners soon. 

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