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Win the Deepcool Gammaxx GT RGB CPU Air Cooler - three pcs


Win the Deepcool Gammaxx GT RGB CPU Air Cooler - three pcs


Win the Deepcool Gammaxx GT RGB CPU Air Cooler - three pcs


Совместный конкурс RAPGAMEOBZOR с компанией GIGABYTE!


2nd Tesoro Gram Spectrum Low Profile RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Giveaway

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Главная » 2015 » Октябрь » 8 » Win Big Prizes From AMD & ASRock!
Win Big Prizes From AMD & ASRock!

How To Win?
STEP1 Sign up to ASRock forum; don't forget to leave a valid E-Mail address so we can contact you if you win a prize. 

STEP2 Share at least 5 of your ASRock AMD motherboard photos with at least 300 texts on ASRock Forum "Media&User's Review" AMD section about why you choose ASRock and what special features you like about your ASRock AMD Motherboard. 

STEP3 Start promoting your thread to gain "Reply"

Tutorial: How to post picture on ASRock Forum 

1.This event is hosted for All ASRock AMD Fans.
2.Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
3.The winner will be disqualified if the posts/photos are not owned by the winner him/herself.
4.ASRock has the right to cancel the qualification of the winner if he/she is not qualified.
5.Winners will be notified via his/her E-mail within 1 week after campaign period. 
6.ASRock has the right to cancel the qualification of the winner if 1) the winner doesn't reply; 2) the contact info is not complete or is incorrect; 3) cannot reach the winner due to invalid E-mail address.
7.Same User ID cannot post multiple threads during campaign period.
8.The final winner will be announced at 2015/11/06 11:00 A.M. (GMT+8) on ASRock Facebook and Forum. 
9.ASRock will be responsible for all shipping costs. Should tax liability arise, it will be the responsibility of the winner to notify its (their) own Government's relevant tax department. ASRock and any of its subsidiaries take no responsibility or liability for taxation.

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