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Главная » 2022 » Июль » 24 » Win Fantastic Prizes from Satisfyer for our Sex Position Challenge! (Только 18+)
Win Fantastic Prizes from Satisfyer for our Sex Position Challenge! (Только 18+)

Win Fantastic Prizes from Satisfyer for our Sex Position Challenge!

​No matter what position you end up in, ensure all the pleasure possible with the help of Satisfyer! Satisfyer is graciously offering up two different prize packs - perfect for exploring all new sensations in your recently-discovered favorite sex positions!

Part of a couple that wants to focus on penis pleasure? The first prize package features five sex toys perfect for penises. The Satisfyer Strong One packs vibrations into a supportive cock ring - while the Satisfyer Men WandMen Classicand Heat Vibration up the ante on your standard stroker. Rounding out the package is the Satisfyer Back Door Lover for dual stimulation at a moment's notice.

Their second prize package is a fantastic fit for couples who want to focus on clitoral pleasure. Explore the explosive magic of air suction sensations with the Satisfyer Love Triangle and Pro 2. Include more erogenous zones for dual stimulation with the Satisfyer Mono Flex rabbit vibe. Then, take your pleasure on-the-go with the Satisfyer Little Secret panty vibrator and remote control!

And both prize packages include the Satisfyer High Fly! This ergonomic vibrator easily lays flat against your favorite erogenous zones for instant pleasure. Its broad surface provides diffused vibrations while its easy-to-grip edges make it a fantastic vibe to drag over the surface of your partner's skin too!

You won't have a chance at either Satisfyer prize pack if you don't enter to win! There will be one lucky winner for each prize pack - so make sure

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